Taxamatch downloads

The following Taxamatch code is available for download:

1: Source code "taxamatch1.sql", containing all required procedures and functions in Oracle PL/SQL programming language

** note: revised version July 2014: taxamatch2_0.sql, updated 18/7/2014

2: README file for the above

** note: revised version in preparation, 2013

3: Oracle .dmp file (3 tables) that the above code can address, for demo installation and testing purposes

4: MS Excel version of the three tables contained in the Oracle dump, for installation on any non-Oracle system

5: zip filecontaining all of the above (items 1-4)

6.  Copy of IRMNG database version 3.1, date  11/1/2013 (1,674,319 species names, 465,433 genus names, plus higher taxa), used for Taxamatch testing in May 2013


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