The Provenance Management System

The Provenance Management System (PROMS) is a collection of tools and methodologies for managing provenance information.

PROMS Server

PROMS Server is an server and API used to manage provenance information. It is available as code (a Git repository) which can be cloned and implemented:

An example of PROMS Server running for development use is at:

See the PROMS Server page for full information.

Provenance exporter toolkits

These are code libraries in different languages (Python, Java & C#) used to generate standardised provenance:

See the PROMS exporter toolkits page for full information.


RuleSets are code modules used to validate provenance and other provenance-related information expressed in RDF

See the RuleSets page for more info including links to existing RuleSets' code.

PROMS Ontology

This is a very simple OWL Ontology based on the PROV Ontology. It sets some constraints on PROV so that PROV-compliant data can be used with the PROMS Server and Provenance exporter toolkits.


Data ID System, Provenance Theory, Hypotheses, Use Cases etc.

There are a range of other tools and theory that assist with the use of PROMS. These are documented in the pages linked to via the menu on the left.

About Us and Contact Us

PROMS is managed jointly by CSIRO and Geoscience Australia.

To contact the development team, email the lead, Nicholas Car (


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