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The CSIRO Protein Expression Workshop is an annual event designed to improve the understanding of proteins for structural and biological studies. Join us for the 19th Annual Protein Expression Workshop from 25 - 27th July 2018.

Workshop Aim


The production of complex proteins for structural and biological studies requires a range of skills and disciplines including molecular biology, fermentation, protein purification and structural analysis. This workshop will cover a range of topics to enable successful production work and provides an excellent networking opportunity.


By the end of the Workshop participants will:


  • have an understanding of different expression systems
  • be familiar with basic technologies involved in protein production
  • know the most important large and small-scale equipments involved in expression and purification
  • be able to design and optimise your production system
  • understand basic purification and assay methods
  • lean how to integrate your production system with purification
  • be familiar with current trends in protein production and fermentation
  • learn how collaborative facilities might be able to assist you to reach your research goals


 Who will benefit?


  • Students
  • Scientists with an interest in construct design, protein expression and purification


Registration for 2018 is now OPEN


Registration of Guest or Referred Person  Online  Registration 


Full Registration - AUD 180 (incl. GST)

Day registration - AUD 100 (incl. GST)

Dinner Ticket - AUD 65 (incl. GST)

Registration is complimentary for students (proof of enrolment required- Conference Dinner not included

Registration is complimentary for CSIRO Staff (Conference Dinner not included

Contact us 


T: + 61 3 9662 7100



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