Data versions and errata

We have created new versions of parameters (or groups of parameters) as problems have been identified.
v20110518 - the default version (ie. everything starts off with this version).
v20110829 - Amon:tas needed to be replaced for historical (1850-2005), rcp45 (2006-2100) only.
v20111029 - daily day:hur calculated correctly.
v20111123 - monthly Amon:clwvi calculated correctly.
v20111221 - daily day:sic calculated correctly.
v20111222 - daily day:tos (sea-ice masked out) calculated correctly.
v20120213 - monthly Omon:tos (sea-ice masked out) calculated correctly.
v20120323 - all 6-hourly, daily and monthly atmospheric data on pressure levels were replaced (note this only fixed up values at 1000hPa level via an improved method, all other levels have not changed but we still recommend to update. Monthly and daily snow area fraction (OImon:snc, LImon:snc) replaced.
v20130205 - all umo,vmo and wmo has been updated. It only appears that some files were affected and so to be sure we updated them all.
tos: note that we have masked out values under sea-ice points although the metadata may not say this consistently across all files (due to a technical issue). Apparently this is non-standard. We suggest that you located sea-ice points and set the values to -2degC, this is a good approximation to the temperature of water in contact with sea-ice.
v20150101 - Corrected versions of all output from the sstClim, sstClim4xCO2, sstClimAerosol and sstClimSulfate experiments. There was an error in the SSTs poleward of about 40 degrees in the earlier runs. All four experiments were rerun after the error was found. The effect on top-of-atmosphere fluxes when taking the difference of two experiments is not large, since the errors tend to cancel.


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