The general public are not required to sign in to search the Data Access Portal (DAP) or to download publicly accessible files.


A sign in is not required to search the DAP or to download publicly accessible files.

The description section includes advice about access conditions. There are three types of access:

Embargoed and restricted collections

A closed padlock on the files and/or image gallery indicates an embargoed or restricted collection. 

For advice on how to access files see access on the description tab.

Australian Access Federation

The Australian Access Federation (AAF) is a service used by many Australian universities and some research agencies to allow staff to log on to AAF enabled systems using their institutional account.

In the DAP, AAF accounts are to:

More information is available for:


OPAL accounts are used by the Astronomy community - for details please see the OPAL Users Guide.

In the DAP, OPAL accounts are used to:

Data that is not embargoed is publicly available and does not need a user to login. 

More information is available for:

AAO Data Central

The All-Sky Virtual Observatory (ASVO) is enabling researchers to access data across a federated network of datasets, from all types of astronomical facilities in Australia. AAO Data Central is an ASVO node. The CSIRO ASKAP Science Data Archive (CASDA) is a first step in enabling AAO Data Central users access to datasets without the need to create new credentials. 

To get an account for AAO Data Central please visit their register site. 

Any information or queries about AAO Data Central please visit their contact us page. 


Partners are external collaborators and may have been granted authorised access to specific DAP collection(s) by CSIRO. 

In the DAP Partner accounts are used to:

More information is available for:


CSIRO staff members can use their Nexus account to:

More information is available for:

CSIRO Deposit and Approvals

Deposit and approval modules for CSIRO staff will be developed in the current user interface in the second half of 2019. 

In the meantime CSIRO access will be available through the existing interface with instructions available from: