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CSIRO was commissioned in 2018, by the Australian Government Department of Health to undertake a series of projects, known as the Primary Care Data Quality Foundations Programme. The programme was to be delivered though collaboration with the clinical profession, software industry, Australian Digital Health Agency, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW). The objectives of the programme were to define the foundation data standards in primary care to support better clinical outcomes, enhance the usefulness of information in the practice record and improve interoperability of health information shared with other health care providers and organisations.

The Primary Care Data Quality Foundations project has four component projects are summarised below:

Project 1 - Primary Care Data Dictionary and SNOMED CT Value Sets

  • Increase standardisation of data definitions in primary care systems through the development of an agreed core clinical primary care data dictionary. Document: Primary Care Data Quality Foundations- Data Dictionary Release 1
  • Adoption of a common clinical language in primary care systems through the development of the Primary Care SNOMED CT value sets

Project 2 - Primary Care Data Exchange and Query

  • Standardise exchange of the agreed core clinical information through an agreed FHIR Specification – FHIR Implementation Guide Primary Care au Practice to Practice Record Transfer
  • Increase the utility of data exchanged for reporting and analytics through the development of guidance on how to use SNOMED CT for analytics and reporting. Document :

Project 3 - Software Industry Implementation Support

Support the adoption of the primary care data dictionary, value sets, and FHIR Implementation Guide, through workshops, Connectathons and guidance. Document:

Project 4 - Primary Care Education and Training

  • Increase awareness and understanding of the value of structured and coded information through the development of train-the-trainer education material, quick reference guides, etc.
  • Increase understanding of the most important areas in the record that should be structured and coded- core clinical data- through focussed training material.

The following deliverables have been produced and are available as final drafts as below

Please note, these documents are still in draft and any feedback can be sent to

Next steps:

Phase 2 has begun, information can be found here Primary Care Data Quality Foundations - Phase 2

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