This week the CSIRO DAP passed the 1 Petabyte (PB) mark. This means that it now holds over 1 PB of CSIRO data and software files which are preserved together with their metadata for long-term discovery. Over 900TB of the data in the DAP is astronomy data from the Parkes and ASKAP radio telescopes.

Not all the data in the DAP is publically accessible. CSIRO researchers can also use it to archive data for internal use. Every record in the DAP has a persistent URL, and public records have a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), used for data publication and citation.

With the first public release in 2011, storage growth has jumped from an average of 18 GB a week during Sept 2012-Feb 2013, to an average of 8 TB a week during Sept 2017-Feb 2018.

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