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  • Recommended to update all AuScope ERML v1 services to ERML v2.
    • released in October 2013 (2 years ago)
    • some bugs in the v1 data model been resolved in v2, and
    • ERML v2 introduces more consistency in the use of the xlink:href/xlink:title pattern to encode vocabulary terms (ie, URL's and human-readable values).

  • Always deliver a human readable name in all ERML v1 gml:name elements, not just a URL. For example:

<er:Mine gml:id="er.mine.101027"> <gml:name codeSpace="">Dobroyde Prospect</gml:name>
<gml:name codeSpace="">* *gsnsw/mine/101027</gml:name>

  • In ERML v2, use gml:identifier to deliver the URI identifier, and gml:name to deliver the human-readable name.

<gml:identifier codeSpace="">* *gsnsw/mine/101027</gml:identifier> <gml:name codeSpace="">Dobroyde Prospect</gml:name>
… to be continued

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