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  1. Definition of Sample - see discussion page
  2. ESIP Australia - NCI & ANDS with AuScope, ALA, TERN, (IMOS?) - eResearch Australasia issues. 
  3. IGSN progress - missed Bob Arko (tech topics), released description schema, updated website, roadmap for moving forward (RDF? Linked Data?), ORCID, Scholix, Datacite, how to offer services to support linking, produced outline of paper to describe IGSN - good opportunity/worthwhile, 
  4. International Geochemistry Network - Kerstin, Brent, Mingfang, Lesley - mostly about community for geochemistry - targetting Goldschmidt Conference, Paris, August 2017 ( )
  5. ELFIE
  6. RDA VSIG re-boot
  7. Contributions to CODATA Commission on Standards
  8. Paul Box invited to Ostrom Workshop & ESIP Summer meeting