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Lidar Hokuyo UTM-LX30-FVelodyne Puck Lite (VLP-16)
Lidar RangeUp to 30m (15m outdoors)Up to 100m
Lidar Dual ReturnNoYes
Lidar Intensity ValuesNoYes
Lidar Scan planes116
Lidar Accuracy (local)+/- 1cm @ 10m, +/1 - 3cm @ 30m+/- 3cm

3D Measurement Accuracy

(Global SLAM accuracy)

+/- 0.1% (typically)
Angular Field of View360 x 360 degrees
Max Map SizeUnlimited*
Data Acquisition Speed
Up to 41,600 measurement points/secUp to 300,000 measurement points/sec
Recommended Flight Speed1-2 m/s (scene dependant)up to 5 m/s (scene dependant)
Laser Safety ClassClass 1 Eye Safe
Power18 – 24W50-60W
Point Cloud Format.laz, .ply