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Download via SFTP

You will need an SFTP client to use the option "Download via SFTP". SFTP clients are available as free downloads. You will need administrator rights on the machine you are using to install an SFTP client. If you are not familiar with other SFTP clients, we recommend you use WinSCP.

You will need to enter an email address. The email address is used to notify you when a collection is ready and to provide links to the data.

Your email address will not be passed on to any third parties or used for any other purpose.


Currently, only Canberra is available as the Preferred data location. In later releases you will be able to select the data centre closest to where you want to work with the data. This will minimise the network activity required to access the data.

Click on the "request files" link. 

You will be asked do you accept the licence terms for this collection. If you do, click on the "Accept" button and the process for creating the file structure and making the collection available for download will begin. 

Once the collection is ready to be accessed, an email will be sent to you. Non-logged in, public users will receive in the email a link to the SFTP directory.

In order to prevent email messages sent from the DAP being blocked, you may need to add the "" domain to the "Safe Senders" list in your email client's preferences.

If you requested the data as a logged in Australian Access Federation (AAF) member or a CSIRO Partner, the email will contain a link to the Collection Data Tab in the DAP. Click on this link and log in to the DAP to securely access the data. This step is required to ensure that access to restricted material is secure.

The data will be available for 48 hours from when the email is sent.  If you require longer access, you can request the data again and it will be available for a further 48 hours from when that request is processed.

You have two options for using your SFTP client:

  1. Click on the link in the email or the Button on the DAP Collection Data Tab to open the SFTP client and access the data files.
  2. Manually start your SFTP client and enter the access details provided in the email.

Please note that WinSCP has a limitation of 100 characters for the Username. The email address you entered is used to generate the Username required to access data from Large Collections. Therefore, if your Username is greater than 100 characters, you may need to use an alternative SFTP Client.

The following step by step instructions are based on the use of WinSCP.

Option 1: Using the collection link or button


1. Click on the link in the email, or if you are a logged in AAF or Partner user, click on the button on the DAP collection Data Tab. Your SFTP client will automatically launch.
2. WinSCP will prompt you for your user name. Enter the Username supplied in the email and click OK to continue.

3. WinSCP will prompt you for your password. Enter the Password supplied in the email and click OK to continue.



4. WINSCP will open a dialog box and ask you do you want to copy the files in the target directory.


5. You can click Copy to copy the directory files, or Cancel to open the SFTP client and view or move the files.

Clicking cancel will open the SFTP client and the directory for the collection data files will be shown in the left hand panel. Double click on the directory to open the collection folder. Double click on this folder to the see the data and metadata folders.


Option 2: Manually access via your SFTP client


1. Open your SFTP client from the Windows Start Menu.
2. WinSCP will display the login page. If not already highlighted, click on the "Session" option in the top left hand panel.


3. Enter the Host name and Port number from the email.
4. Cut and paste the User name and Password supplied in the email into the user name and password fields in the SFTP client.
5. Click on the "Directories" option in the left hand panel.


6. Cut and paste the Directory information from the email into the Remote Directory field of the SFTP client.
7. Optional step: We recommend you use the "Commander" interface option rather than the "Windows" option. Set this by clicking on the Preferences option in the left hand panel and selecting "Commander".
8. Click on the Login button. The interface will show the data collection files in the left hand panel.





The WebDAV protocol can be used without a WebDAV client installed on the machine you are using to access the collection. Without a client installed, this method will use your default web browser to display the downloaded files. This will limit you to working with the files individually. To be able to select multiple files and use drag-and-drop functionality we recommend installing the WinSCP client. BitKinex WinSCP can be downloaded at: (external link).