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The current production release of the Data Access Portal is v2.24.2112 (18 Dec 2018)

v2.24.2112 (18 Dec 2018)

New User Interface

  • Landing page can now display all versions of a collection.
  • Casda search results changed for quality metrics so that it doesn't show as clickable if no metric information is available.

  • Changed the order of recent collections on the DAP home page (it is now All, Data, Service, Software).

  • Display all DOIs from a CASDA collection on the files tab under "Data Filter".
  • AAF login added.
  • Added URL and hyperlink to attribution statement on landing page "cite as" section.
  • Extended height of attribution statement box for long attribution statements.
  • Added help link to the "Sign in" box and updated popover text.
  • ATNF project search field now has type ahead support.
  • Expanded results in files tab for domain collection landing pages.
  • Provides a link to the old UI for AAF users if they require it.
  • Folder tree given usability enhancements.
  • DOI handles changed to resolve to the new UI.
  • metadata added to the new UI.
  • Enhancements made to the display of WebDAV credentials for AAF, OPAL and Partners Users.
  • Collection landing page now has a notification if there is a newer version of the collection.

Web services

  • New service to support ATNF project type ahead lookups.


  • zcf and zrf files are now allowed in pulsar collections.
  • Corporate names have been changed to "Organization" type in metadata.
  • Update wording in the link from the old ui to the new.
  • Migrated ATNF file metadata from SOLR to Elastic Search.
  • Additional text added to "How to search data" section of the CASDA observation and ATNF search pages.
  • Reconfigured sitemap.xml and robots.txt to indicate the new UI is now the canonical version of a collection landing page.
  • Updated DataCite schema for DOI creation from v2.2 to v4.1

Support for future ORCID integration

  • Web service endpoint created that returns a list of collections associated with a user's ORCID ID.
  • Web service endpoint created to update a user profile in DAP after they have registered for an ORCID ID.
  • Web service endpoint created to record ORCID work IDs into DAP.
  • Web service endpoint created to return DAP records associated with collaborators that have an ORCID ID to the ORCID service.
  • ORCID badge has been added to contributor names on the landing page where applicable.
  • Language field added to DAP records being sent to ORCID.
  • Created documentation for the ORCID API in DAP and RPR
  • Work IDs are now carried to new collection versions when created.

v2.23.2034 (25 October 2018)