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EndpointsStatusAlso known asAccessDescriptionDocumentation - read onlyUse this to search and access DAP collections.DAP Web Services - ws v1 development/ws/v2Public - read onlyUse this to search and access DAP collections. development/api/v1

CSIRO staff only:

  • GET
  • POST
Use this to programmatically create DAP collections.

Topic A

Topic A information here

Topic B

Topic B information here

Comparison of Versions


For searching and accessing DAP collections, the options are to use /ws/v1 ( or /ws/v2 (

Although /ws/v2 is still in development, it retains all the features of /ws/v1 and adds a number of new features.  Generally speaking /ws/v2 is a better option, although it is possible you will need to re-factor any code that uses it after a new DAP release.

Responses in JSON or XML(tick)(tick)
Authenticate as Nexus, Partners or OPAL user(error)(tick)
Search collections by keyword(tick)(tick)
Search by location(error)(tick)

Search by:

  • contributor
  • business unit
  • research program
  • research group
  • cost centre
  • WBS
  • Field of Research code
Search by publication date range(error)(tick)
Apply search facets to filter results(error)(tick)
Retrieve collection metadata(tick)(tick)
List a collection's available versions(tick)(tick)
List a collection's filesPartial(tick)

Retrieve a file from a collection

(for mounted collections < 10GB)


List a collection's supporting attachments(tick)(tick)
Retrieve a supporting file from a collection(tick)(tick)
Retrieve image thumbnails from a collections(error)(tick)
List accessible download options for a collection(error)(tick)
List the folder tree for a collection(error)(tick)
Retrieve a paginated list of files for a given folder in a collection(error)(tick)
Retrieve a list of files as a zip archive(error)(tick)
Export a collection's file level metadata to Excel(error)(tick)
Mount a collection(error)(tick)
Retrieve a licence(tick)(tick)
Retrieve a list of "external system" tags(tick)(tick)
Retrieve a list of collections for a external system tag(tick)(tick)
AAHL Virus Image Search endpoints(error)(tick)
ATNF Pulsar Observation Search endpoints(error)(tick)
CASDA Observation Search endpoints(error)(tick)
CASDA Skymap Search endpoints(error)(tick)

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