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  • Doing an audit of existing vocabularies - create a list
    • Create a star rating assessment
      • Community needs will be different, one star will be ok for some
    • How can different unions help each other to bring up/improve sophistication of vocabularies?
    • Involve RDA, OGC etc
    • Commonly don't look to re-use, this should be encouraged
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Is usage of vocabularies a metric?
    • E.g. my friends/community are already using this vocab
  • Support content negotiation for different profiles
  • In the marine space - international re-use is common
  • ESIP is taking on MMI initiative
    • Any recommendations/experiences
  • Sustainability and designing URIs that are flexible
    • E.g. if NASA gives up SWEET, what happens to sweet URIs?
    • For increased adoption and re-location - good to have generic name spaces
  • Any working groups that are looking at transition plans for end of life of vocabs/URIs?
    • Responsible governance
    • Coordination of approaches
    • Agile infrastructure
    • Define a best practice for succession 
  • Use international groups who have resilience to changes in funding
  • Guidelines to allow organisations to push back against bureaucracy 
    • E.g. URI schemes with org names embedded
  • How to avoid complexity?
    • Can be complexity behind the scenes, but risk is that if you make lots of simple solutions the aggregate becomes more complex