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Sparx and CSIRO have signed a collaboration agreement to develop a model registry solution. This will realise the model registry concepts pioneered here. See


Solid Ground is a suite of tools that facilitate the creation, management and integration of information models.

These tools support users in implementing an information model architecture that is maintained with a common repository, allowing the users of distributed systems and systems in related domains to have a definitive source of model information.

Using Solid Ground, this repository exposes model relationships and support version control, with tools available to fully exploit this stored information model metadata.

The Solid Ground toolset is built as an Add-In to the software product Enterprise Architect.

The current release, Solid Ground v. 11.3 supports the following functionality:

  • Conversion from UML to OWL
  • Reverse engineering of UML models from Databases and ArcGIS Worksbase XML,
  • Forward engineering of Databases from UML models,
  • Mapping between UML models,
  • Creation of Platform Independent Model Profiles (PIMPs),
  • Version Management tools,
  • Generation of RDF for ISO19109 application schemas using emerging ISO19150  draft rules,
  • Generation of RDF for mapping models, bridging ISO19150 RDF encoded application schema,
  • Registration of models in UML and Semantic registries,
  • Deployment of models from registry, and
  • Update of model dependencies using either the registry for UML metadata or semantic vocabularies.
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