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The Search By Location page has information on viewing search results on a map.


Whether you use the general Search or the Browse functions, your Search Results will display as below:

You will be able to read a description of each Collection and expand it using the "more..." function (if the description is long) to determine which Collection you wish to access.
The number of results found will be displayed on the screen, and you will have various options for number of results per page you can view, and be able to sort by Relevance, date published (Recent) or Title.
You can also start a new search from this page.


Refine Results

On the left hand side of the page is the Refine Results panel. This allows the user to filter the search results based on additional selected fields. For each category, a count of matching search results is displayed.

By default all values of the fields are unselected. Selecting the checkbox next to the search field entry "Shows only" records which contain the field from the previous search results.

For example above, selecting the 'Environment and Resource Economics (3)' entry will only show results for that field, re-displays the matching search result records and recalculates the search results returned count.

Multiple checkboxes can be selected within the Refine Results area.


Restricted Access

The padlock icon next to the Collection title in the Search Results indicates access to the data contained within this collection is restricted.

The type of restriction is listed in the Access metadata field for the data collection.

Data files contained within a restricted collection can only be accessed by authenticated users who have been granted permission by the data collection owner. To gain access to a restricted collection, users can request access from the Contact listed in the Description of the Collection.


Navigation Between Search Results

You are able to navigate between Collections in search results when you have opened a Collection from one of the following search results pages:

  • Search Data
  • Search By Location
  • Browse Data

There are three options on the Navigation Bar:

  • Back to Search Results / Back to Browse Results: This link returns you to the list of Search Results or Browse Results
  • Previous Record: This opens the previous Collection in the list of Search Results or Browse Results
  • Next Record: This opens the next Collection in the list of Search Results or Browse Results

If your search results span more than one page, the Back to Search Results / Back to Browse Results option will return you to the search results page containing the displayed Collection.

RSS Feeds

It is possible to subscribe to an RSS Feed from the Search Results page. The RSS Feed will show the most recent Public Collections matching the search text entered.

Select the RSS Feed icon at the top of the list of search results.

RSS Feeds are sorted by Date Published with the most recent appearing at the top