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Journal articles

Giraldo O, Garcia A, Corcho O. 2018. A guideline for reporting experimental protocols in life sciences. PeerJ 6:e4795

Assante, M. et al., (2016). Are Scientific Data Repositories Coping with Research Data Publishing?. Data Science Journal. 15, p.6. DOI:

Hobbs, George; Miller, Dan; Manchester, Dick; Dempsey, James; Pienaar, Martin; Camilo, Fernando; et al. The Parkes Observatory Pulsar Data Archive. Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia. 2011; 28(3):202-214.

Conference papers/Conference proceedings

Survey of open data and research data in the Australian context via the CSIRO Knowledge Network LAND AND WATER Jonathan Yu, Simon Cox, Benjamin Leighton, Hendra Wijaya, Qifeng Bai eResearch 2017 Brisbane

Page, John; Dempsey, James. Data Access Portal – Opening the door to CSIRO data. In: Computational and Simulation Sciences and eResearch, Annual Conference 2016; 1-4 March 2016; Melbourne, Australia. CSIRO; 2016. 2.

Devaraju, Anusuriya; Klump, Jens. Using feedback from data consumers to capture quality information on environmental research data. In: AGU Fall Meeting 2015; 14-18 December 2015; San Francisco, California, USA. American Geophysical Union (AGU); 2015. 1p.

Benn, David; Chapman, Jessica; Dempsey, James; Hobbs, George; Kerr, Matthew; Russell, Chris; et al. Combining CSIRO’s High Performance Compute and Data Access Portal in the search for gravitational waves. In: eResearch Australasia 2014; 2014-10-27; Melbourne. Conference Design Pty Ltd; 2014. 3.

Ansell, Peter; Furbank, Bob; Gunasekera, Kutila; Guo, Tom; Benn, David; Williams, Gareth; et al. Flexible Scientific Data Management for Plant Phenomics Research. In: 1st International Workshop on Semantics for Biodiversity, S4BioDiv'13; 26-27 May 2013; Montpellier, France. Springer; 2013. 8.

Crameri, Sandy; Van Huezen, Rob; Borg, Anna; Miller, Dan; Leis, Andrew; Morrissey, John; et al. Case study - Using the CSIRO DAP for managing AAHL Microscopy data.. In: Computational and Simulation Sciences and eResearch Annual Conference; 22nd March 2013; The Langham Hotel, Melbourne. The Conference; 2013. 1.

Hogan, Dominic; Stevenson, Anne. Connecting researchers and research organisations with data publication metrics. In: eResearch Australasia 2013; 20-25 October, 2013; Brisbane, Australia. Australian National Data Service; 2013. 26.

Conference Posters

Hannan, Katie; Hogan, Dominic; Cook, Sue. The CSIRO Data Access Portal: 1 PB and beyond. In: Collaborative Conference on Computational and Data Intensive Science; May 2018; Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. CSIRO; 2018.

Page, John; Demspey, James. Data Access Portal – Opening the door to CSIRO data. In: Computational and Simulation Sciences and eResearch, Annual Conference 2016, Melbourne, Australia, 1-4 March 2016.

Reports/Report Chapters

Miller, Dan; Hubert, Kavinga; Dempsey, James; Tregeagle, Sean; Sathya Moorthy, Sathish; Sullivan, Brendan. A system for extracting and updating common organisational metadata into a central authoritative source. CSIRO; 2012. csiro:EP134199

Sanderson, Todd; Reeson, Andrew; Box, Paul. Understanding and unlocking the value of public research data: OzNome social architecture report. Canberra: CSIRO; 2017. csiro:EP168075.

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