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The CSIRO data repository is getting a makeover! With over 30,000 unique visitors in the past year, we are enhancing the discovery experience of CSIRO's data assets.

The CSIRO Data Access Portal's (DAP) user interface is being refreshed to improve its usability and user experience. This new user interface aligns with CSIRO's corporate visual identity standards.

What's New

Besides the change in the look and feel of the DAP there are now a few additional features on the home page such as:

Recent collections

Most recently published software, data and service collections.

Featured collections

Links to collections that have been specifically selected by the Research Data Support team to showcase on the home page.

Accessing Files

The discover-ability of files and images in the collection is now much simpler with separate Files and Image Gallery tabs that include a count of the number of files within each.

The Download button also includes a count for the number of files selected for download.

The Download popup displays the different download methods available along with the different mount locations.

The Image gallery also has different views available that each show various levels of metadata details and thumbnail sizes.

Technical Information

  • Front-end uses the Bootstrap framework, an open source toolkit for developing mobile responsive web applications with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Back-end uses a Java RESTful web services API to exchange information between the database and the user interface.
  • Benefit from expanded features to access the DAP via the interface or programmatically

Further development is planned to streamline the deposit and approval modules for CSIRO staff. In the interim CSIRO staff will continue to access these functions in the existing interface.


We welcome your feedback on the new user interface and ideas for the deposit and approval module improvement, please email

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