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See the DAP help page on how to choose your access level for your data collection record in the DAP Protect your Data

Not all data needs to be made publicly available to be stored in the DAP. Some sensitive data will be only available to specific parties. And a project does not have to be final and ready for publication. A Data collection record in the DAP may start with a less open access then move to a more open access level during the course of a research project when the research is ready for publication via a simple update.


Access Level


Access Level

Example Scenarios
PublicPublicReleased with journal publication of research; Open data: discovererable and reusable globally
PublicCSIRO onlyLicence conditions for precursor data or the project contract means that the data can only be used within CSIRO: discovererable globally
PublicSpecific UsersMediated access required: sensitive data- may not ever be able to be made fully open: research under peer review: discoverable globally.
CSIRO only

CSIRO only

Reference data acquired with a licence limiting to CSIRO internal use: discoverable and usable by CSIRO users
CSIRO onlySpecific UsersResearch not yet public; Mediated access required; sensitive data: embargoed data; discoverable by CSIRO users
Specific UsersSpecific UsersPrivate data: research not ready for release: embargoed data; research only to be released to contracted parties: research under peer review.