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CSIRO's Data Access Portal provides access to data published across a wide range of disciplines. Data Collections comprise descriptor fields (called metadata) which give information about the data as well as the data itself.

If you are a CSIRO staff member (Nexus Accounts), CSIRO Partner, OPAL (ATNF) or Australian Access Federation (AAF) user you can login for additional features.

CSIRO Partners are external collaborators (from universities and other partnering organisations), who have been granted login access to the DAP by CSIRO. They may be granted privileged access to view restricted collections and/or their data files. CSIRO Partners may be included in the Data Citation for Collections as a Lead Researcher or Contributor.

The Australian Access Federation (AAF) allows users from specific universities and research institutions in Australia to login to the DAP using their home organisations credentials. These users are not required to obtain an additional CSIRO Partner account.

There are a variety of mechanisms that can be used to Find Data through the Data Access Portal (DAP).

You can use:

Additional training materials, including Quick Reference Cards and online tutorials are available at the Data Access Portal Support website.