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CSIRO recognises the value of making publicly available nationally significant datasets held by agencies across government, statutory authorities, universities and research institutes. Data from these agencies are often heterogeneous in nature reflecting the diversity of data producers. It is important to capture and preserve these datasets to inform decision making and policy development.

CSIRO IMT has developed procedures to accept externally owned data into the Data Access Portal. In 2018, the Data Access Portal gained international certification as a trusted data repository with the Core Trust Seal. 
A trusted data repository provides assurance that datasets will be preserved and accessible in the long term. 

For data to be included in the Data Access Portal it will need to be assessed by a CSIRO Approver following the criteria listed below which have been taken from the Collection Development Principles

  • Data identified in a collaboration agreement with an external individual or organisation.
  • Data identified in a contract with an external individual or organisation.
  • Data that is used in CSIRO's research.
  • Data that is the output of CSIRO's research.
  • Is aligned with the functions of CSIRO as outlined in section 9 of the Science and Industry Research Act 1949.
  • Is aligned with the Minister's Statement of Expectations and CSIROs Statement of Intent.
  • Data must be publicly accessible and use the Creative Commons framework with a default of CC-BY.

If you would like to deposit your data into the CSIRO Data Access Portal, please read, sign and submit the following documents to

1) CSIRO Data Access Portal Data Deposit Conditions

2) Data Deposit Form

Research Data Support staff will assess your request and respond. Time frames for a response are dependant on available resources. As noted in the Data Deposit Conditions, deposit is subject to approval by a CSIRO Approver. To follow up on a submission contact

If the data are considered suitable, in addition to requiring the completed forms, you may be asked to provide more detail about the data for the purposes of describing them in the DAP.  A good description of the data is important so potential users can determine the suitability for their research.

General information about preparing data for deposit, including information on metadata schema is available from the Data Management LibGuides 

If the Data Access Portal is not suitable for your data, check re3data, a global registry of research data repositories.

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