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After any type of Search, you will be able to view Search Results and click on a Data Collection to view.

The screen displays a Data Collection Title and two tabs:

  • A Description Tab - which will describe the data (the who, what, how, why and when about the data).
  • A Data Tab - which will display the data as a file structure with checkboxes to select to download.
To get back to Search Results page from a Data Collection, use the Back arrow on your Browser.


Description Tab

The Description Tab displays metadata information about the Collection. By default, the tab will show the 'summary' metadata for the Collection. For Collections that contain Location Details in the Collection Metadata, a Map will be displayed on the right side highlighting the Area or Point that the Data applies to. The Description Tab allows you to download supporting attachments (if the collection has them) which provide instructions on using, understanding or interpreting the data (e.g. "readme" text files).

The Copy this persistent link to share this collection option, displayed at the top of the collection's Description Tab, provides you with the URL directly to the version of the collection you are viewing.

To see the full description of the Data Collection, click on "show all". This may include extra descriptors from one of the metadata schemas (if applicable).

Click the cog icon to display the print option.


Access via a DOI

If you click on a DOI link to a collection on another internet site, the link will always resolve to the version of the collection associated with that particular DOI.

If there is a new version of the collection available, there will be a link to the newest version on the Description Tab.

In the rare event that a collection may have been withdrawn, the link will resolve to a page with the collection title and display a withdrawn message.

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