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The CSIRO Data Access portal is a simple and flexible data management tool. CSIRO staff can use it to preserve and share valuable research data assets. Members of the public, or specified users can search for, discover and access CSIRO data.

Here are some of the functions available...


As a member of CSIRO you can either deposit your valuable research data manually using our simple 3 step process.


Set up an automated job for ongoing deposits of data collections that are regularly added to.




Provide descriptive text to help others discover, understand, and reuse your data.

We support several metadata standards including CSIRO Common Scientific Metadata Standard, ANZLIC, Darwin-Core, Sensor, Software, VO Resource.




Set an attribution statement including the name of the lead researcher and contributors to enable others to formally cite your data.




Open your data to the public or set restrictions so only specified people and/or groups have access. 

Restrictions can be permanent or temporary via an embargo period.




Apply a license to your data so people use it in the right way.

Options include: CSIRO Data License or Creative Commons.




Get approval to publish your data collection.

Approvers can accept, reject or send back your collection for review.




We preserve your data in our two-stage storage facility.

1. Staging area - draft data collections held here.

2. Permanent store - approved collections held here, duplicated for backup.




Once ready, approved data collections are published according to the restrictions set for them.




Data collections are discoverable based on their restrictions and metadata.

We provide several access mechanisms including basic search, specific search, browse by field-of-research, connection to other portals, machine-to-machine API.




Users can download whole data collections or specific files. 

Small collections can be accessed via a web browser. Large collections can be accessed using webDav or SFTP.


Additionally, we have a direct machine-to-machine access API.




CSIRO staff may update anything in their published collections (metadata, data, licensing, access restrictions) and publish a new version. History Logs record all changes.

Collections may be viewed or copied to create new collections.