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CSIRO’s Data Access Portal holds in excess of 500TB of pulsar observations with new data being added at the end of each semester. These observations are housed in a tape library with those currently in use or in high demand made available for immediate access on disc. 

When an observation file in your search result is not currently available on disc it will have a  mark in the selection column.

To access the data file you should:

  1. Click on the project code link to open up the project and semester (known in DAP as a collection)
  2. Click on the Files tab on the collection page
  3. Scroll to the bottom and select “Download using your browser” from the “How do you want to access the files” drop-down. If you are not logged in you will also need to supply an email address for notification
  4. Click “request files”

You will then receive an email when the data is available. This generally takes an hour or two.

You can then download the files as normal.

If you are accessing a large number of files from a particular project and semester you may wish to use the “Download via WEBDAV” option in step 3 to get a link to all the files in the collection. Further information is available at Large Collection Access (non-CSIRO Users)



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