A new version of the DAP (V2.19.1489) was released on 5 October 2017.

The big improvements from this release are:

  • DAP depositors can now add records for web services either in conjunction with data collection records or as standalone service collection records. For more information see https://confluence.csiro.au/display/daphelp/Link+to+Web+Services (internal users only). Service records will be identified as such in Research Data Australia and in the attribution statement. DAP users will now be able to discover and use these service records. For more information see https://confluence.csiro.au/display/daphelp/Access+Services+for+Data+or+Software.
  • File level metadata can now be added to any file type by depositors and be viewed by data users.
  • Depositors of acquired data collections for internal use are now enabled and encouraged to upload any pre-existing licence or terms and conditions documentation.
  • Approvers now have the option to approve all future versions of a collection.
  • Landing pages for collection records now have the Project title, Field of research, Keywords, Lead researcher and Contributor metadata hyperlinked to allow easy browsing to related records.
  • Further enhancements to the DAP API.
  • The “Activity” field is no longer mandatory.

For complete release information see Release History.

This release was part of the DMCEP project stage 2

For more information about the program including details on the program's outcomes and deliverables please visit the DMCEP Wiki.

The DMCEP program is highly Researcher driven regarding what new capabilities are developed and when and feedback and improvement suggestions are welcome.

We are currently undertaking a refresh of the DAP User interface. If you would like to contribute please contact the RDS team via researchdatasupport@csiro.au.

Also please contact us if:

  • If you would like a demonstration or further information about any of these changes
  • If you have a particular use case that you think would be suitable for extending our data management capabilities.
  • If you have any other comment or feedback to make.
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