Blog from August, 2017

The CSIRO Data Access Portal will now issue a DOI for restricted data and software collections.

A recent change to the DAP has enabled DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) to be issued for data and software collections where the associated files cannot yet be made public, so long as the metadata about the collection can be made public.

In the past both the metadata and the files needed to be publicly available.

This change will enable a researcher to have a DOI when:

  • a researcher wants to publish the data or software in association with a journal article, and needs a DOI to include the citation for published data/software in their reference list, but does not wish to make the files available before the article is published.
  • ethical considerations mean that the data can only be available to selected users.
  • the data has other sensitivity concerns.

Embargos can be automatically applied to make the data public at a later date without changing the DOI.

Use Ask a Librarian or Research Data Support for assistance using the CSIRO Data Access Portal