The CSIRO DAP has been recently added to the list of recommended repositories by PLOS. We were able to demonstrate that the DAP adheres "to best practices pertaining to responsible data sharing, sustainable digital preservation, proper citation, and openness ..."

To comply with the PLOS data policy authors must select the CC-BY licence when creating their DAP record and depositing their data.

The CSIRO Data Access Portal (DAP) is an institutional data repository supporting the publication of data and software for its organisation, CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency. The aim of the CSIRO Data Access Portal is to provide reliable, long-term access to managed digital resources for CSIRO.

It complies with the Force 11 Data Citation Principles.

An attribution statement and a DOI are assigned to all data deposited and made publically available in the CSIRO Data Access Portal. DOIs are minted via the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) and DataCite. The CSIRO DAP complies with ANDS service policies.

Data is stored persistently within the repository with full metadata including unique identifiers and a licence. It is mirrored in at least two separate datacentres by default. Data and metadata are versioned.

See our entry on re3data.

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