A new version of the DAP (v2.16.1063) was released on 15 December 2016. Some highlights of this release are:

    • Return the user to the same page after successfully logs into DAP.
    • Improved search results refine and filter options.
    • Additional RESTful Web Services for creating and updating Collection.
    • Enable file search and paginated file loading on Provide Your Data page.
    • Provide map view on Describe Your Data page.
    • 'Rejected' option in Approver Decision options removed.
    • Validate new Non-CSIRO authors to reduce duplication on Create Your Citation page.
    • General infrastructure improvements and bug resolutions including futher stages to the implemetation of MongoDB and Elasticsearch

For further information see Release History (OLD).

This release was part of the DMCEP project

For more information about the program including details on the program's outcomes and deliverables please visit the DMCEP Wiki.

The DMCEP program is highly Researcher driven regarding what new capabilities are developed and when and feedback and improvement suggestions are welcome.

Please contact the RDS team via researchdatasupport@csiro.au :

  • If you would like a demonstration or further information about any of these changes
  • If you have a particular use case that you think would be suitable for extending our data management capabilities.
  • Or you have any other comment or feedback to make.
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