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A new version of the DAP (v2.13.754) was released on 29 April 2016. Highlights of this release:

  • Deposit now includes a Collection Type field, with options Data or Software; the selected type is included in the published Attribution Statement
  • Where a collection contains more than 25 files, the file list is initially displayed collapsed and a Search for Files option allows filtering/finding within list
  • Web services API enhancements:
    • Can request a specific version of a collection
    • Retrieving metadata for a collection includes more fields in response
    • New endpoint /collections/{id}/versions to list available versions of a collection
  • In Deposit Data Collection 'Citation' tab, contributors can be reordered by dragging and dropping
  • Department of Education and Training (Australia) added as a funding source
  • Bug fixes include:
    • Special/extended characters now encoded correctly in web services API XML responses
    • Team and Business Unit fields now saved as part of draft collections
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