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The Data Access Portal provides RESTful web services APIs for programmatic use of the DAP, as well as an OAI-PMH provider for harvesting metadata.

There are three main groups of web service endpoints that can be used:

EndpointsStatusAlso known asAccessDescriptionDocumentation - read onlyUse this to search and access DAP collections.DAP Web Services - ws v1 development/ws/v2Public - read onlyUse this to search and access DAP collections. development/api/v1

CSIRO staff only:

  • GET
  • POST
Use this to programmatically create DAP collections.

Comparison of Versions

For searching and accessing DAP collections, the options are to use /ws/v1 ( or /ws/v2 (

Although /ws/v2 is still in development, it retains all the features of /ws/v1 and adds a number of new features.  Generally speaking /ws/v2 is a better option, although it is possible you will need to re-factor any code that uses it after a new DAP release.

Responses in JSON or XML(tick)(tick)
Authenticate as Nexus, Partners or OPAL user(error)(tick)
Search collections by keyword(tick)(tick)
Search by location(error)(tick)

Search by:

  • contributor
  • business unit
  • research program
  • research group
  • cost centre
  • WBS
  • Field of Research code
Search by publication date range(error)(tick)
Apply search facets to filter results(error)(tick)
Retrieve collection metadata(tick)(tick)
List a collection's available versions(tick)(tick)
List a collection's filesPartial(tick)

Retrieve a file from a collection

(for mounted collections < 10GB)


List a collection's supporting attachments(tick)(tick)
Retrieve a supporting file from a collection(tick)(tick)
Retrieve image thumbnails from a collections(error)(tick)
List accessible download options for a collection(error)(tick)
List the folder tree for a collection(error)(tick)
Retrieve a paginated list of files for a given folder in a collection(error)(tick)
Retrieve a list of files as a zip archive(error)(tick)
Export a collection's file level metadata to Excel(error)(tick)
Mount a collection(error)(tick)
Retrieve a licence(tick)(tick)
Retrieve a list of "external system" tags(tick)(tick)
Retrieve a list of collections for a external system tag(tick)(tick)
AAHL Virus Image Search endpoints(error)(tick)
ATNF Pulsar Observation Search endpoints(error)(tick)
CASDA Observation Search endpoints(error)(tick)
CASDA Skymap Search endpoints(error)(tick)

Need help with the Data Access Portal? Please contact Research Data Support at or phone: +61 2 4960 6086

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