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Important information

The Image gallery on the collection landing page is different from the image gallery that appears on the AAHL Domain Search Results page search results page


The Image gallery tab is visible on all collections landing page however only collections that have image files will have any content under this tab.

The Image gallery has three types of views-

  • Small Thumbnails
  • Large Thumbnails
  • Thumbnails and Descriptions

Users can navigate between different views by clicking on the different icons

Small Thumbnails

This view displays the image files as small thumbnails with no metadata except the file name. Images can be selected for download from this view by using the "Select" button at the bottom of each thumbnail.

Large Thumbnails

This view displays larger thumbnails. The toggle at the top can be used to display more metadata fields such file name, file size, description and a few others under each image. This view can also be used to select images for download.

Thumbnails and Descriptions

This view displays the same size images as the large thumbnails, but with more detailed description of the metadata fields.

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