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Important information

For CSIRO staff: signing in with your Nexus account will allow you to discover additional collections and features.


CSIRO staff members can use their Nexus account to:

  • Find and download data, software or services
  • Deposit data to create a new collection
  • Manage and update a collection
  • Approve a collection for publication

Sign in with a Nexus account

To log in with a Nexus account, click on the Sign in drop down at and select Nexus:

Use your ident (no email or "nexus/") for your username and your regular nexus password.

If you are having difficulties signing in or don't have access to deposit functions access may have been disabled due to DAP's interaction with the Human Resource systems. Contact Research Data Service Support for assistance.

Find and download

Signing in with your Nexus account will allow you to discover additional collections and features.

You can find and download collections that are not publicly accessible. Access to a collection may be restricted to:

    • All CSIRO staff
    • A CSIRO team
    • An individual employee

You will have access to additional options to Download Data.

A locked padlock on the files or image gallery when signed in indicates the collection is restricted for another reason. It may have an embargo period or require you to contact the authors for permission.

Deposit and approvals

Signing in with your Nexus account will allow you to access the deposit and approval modules in the original DAP user interface.

Alternatively, access these modules directly from the original DAP user interface

To access deposit and approvals: 

  • New deposit: Begin creating a new DAP collection
  • Manage collections: Update or create a new collection by copying metadata from an existing collection
  • Embargoed access: Lists all the embargoed collections that you have access to and when the embargo ends
  • Tasks: Approve a DAP collection
  • Schedules: Allows the data depositor to manage the schedules for their automated deposits
  • Settings: Enter default settings for Business Unit, Team, WBS and/or storage locations to automatically populate when you create a new collection

CSIRO team email security group

Adding a CSIRO team email security group to a restricted DAP collection is an alternative to listing every CSIRO individual from a team.

The advantage is the membership of the group is managed outside of the DAP. If membership of the email security changes the entry will be updated overnight in the DAP.

Management of the security group is either by the Group Owner see Address Book in Outlook, or email the IMT Service Desk at to create a new group.

For more information visit Data Security Groups.

Need help with the Data Access Portal? Please contact Research Data Support at or phone: +61 2 4960 6086

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