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Important information

An AAF account is an Australian Access Federation account. Members of subscribing institutions can log on to AAF systems using their own institutional credentials. 


The metadata (or description) of a restricted data collection may be visible to the public, or you may be required to log on to see the description.  In either case, you will need to log on to be able to download the data.  Depending on the size of the data files, the steps you need to follow to download the data may vary.

Logging on

Go to the Data Access Portal

When logging on, select the appropriate logon option:

There are a couple of steps required to create an account within the Data Access Portal.

  1. As you are logging on using AAF you will be taken to a page where you can select your institution.  Follow the prompts from there to log on.
    1. After logging into the DAP you will have an account that your CSIRO collaborator will be able to use to give you permission to access the collection.
  2. Let your CSIRO collaborator know that you have logged into the DAP so they can complete the steps to enable your access to the collection.
    1. Please note access to your collection will not be immediate. 
    2. Your CSIRO collaborator will notify you when access to the collection is complete.

Find the collection

You can search for the collection, or if you have been given a persistent link to the collection you should be able to open that in your browser now that you have logged on.

If the collection appears in your search results with a padlock icon, or if the "data" tab of the collection description has a padlock icon, then your account has not been given access to the data.

Need help with the Data Access Portal? Please contact Research Data Support at or phone: +61 2 4960 6086

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