Spectra and Polarization In Cutouts of Extragalactic sources from RACS

SPICE-RACS is an extension of the observatory project RACS to analyse linearly polarised emission. Whilst remaining an observatory project, the SPICE-RACS project is managed in collaboration between POSSUM and RACS.

The aims of SPICE-RACS, and the definitions of the POSSUM-RACS collaboration, are set out in the attached document.

Processing work on SPICE-RACS is lead by Thomson, Alec (S&A, Kensington WA) , in collaboration with the RACS, ASKAP, and POSSUM teams.



Pipeline for extracting the SPICE: Spectra and Polarization In Cutouts of Extragalactic sources from RACS


The documentation is available at arrakis.readthedocs.io.


If you use Arrakis in your research, please cite Thomson et al. (2023).

3rd party software

Please also consider acknowledging the following software packages outlines in docs.


Contributions are welcome! Please open an issue or pull request on GitHub.

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