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What is happening in the TAPPAS project?

20 July 2017 

A peer-reviewed journal article describing TAPPAS as a Big Data application and its use to reanalyse historical outbreaks of bluetongue and African horse sickness has been published in Frontiers in Veterinary Science

3rd July 2017

TAPPAS will be unavailable to users between 8am and 6pm on Monday 3 July 2017 (AEST) due to NCI quarterly system maintenance.

24-27th April 2016

TAPPAS will be discussed at the 2nd International Conference on One Medicine One Science, Big Data: The Language and Future of One Medicine One Science

13-14th April 2016 

Upcoming presentation at Locate16 Conference, Melbourne. - TAPPAS – A web-based framework incorporating wind-borne dispersal into biosecurity surveillance

26 November 2015

TAPPAS V1.0 is released. Thank you to all of you from many organisations that have made this possible. TAPPAS is an enabling tool with the potential for diverse application. We encourage you to explore the full potential of TAPPAS. Don't hesitate to contact us with ideas for collaboration, application and improvement. As TAPPAS is undergoing a staged release it is currently not available for commercial use, and outputs are not to be published, without prior consent.

June 2015

The final development sprints of TAPPAS are currently underway. Feedback from the user acceptance testing surveys have driven the remaining development tasks.

  • Improved visualization of dispersion results.
  • Legends are included for the aggregated results and also for KML time steps.
  • Users can create their own species listing for future use.

May 2015

User acceptance testing is well underway with over 20 people agreeing to participate. Thank you to all those who have undertaken testing. We look forward to your feedback to help us improve TAPPAS.

February 2015

TAPPAS is nearing the end of software development for Version 1. The project will shift to user acceptance testing with restricted release during March 2015.

January 2015

TAPPAS was operational as of September 2014 with live links the Bureau of Meteorology data and HYSPLIT. TAPPAS will be ready for final deployment in June 2015.

July 2014

Intersect has started development on the production version of TAPPAS V1.

July 2013

On the 16th July, 2013 a TAPPAS user requirements workshop was held in Canberra to demonstrate a prototype of TAPPAS, gauge support and acquire feedback from the biosecurity community.

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