IMT will soon be upgrading Confluence to version 6.3.4.
The upgrade is scheduled for 28th September, 8.00pm AEST, with Confluence unavailable until 6.00am AEST on 29th September.
To read about the new features, you can follow this link.
If you have any questions, please email or contact the CSIRO IMT Service Desk.

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  • When selecting a time span a maximum number of 12 meteorological data files can be selected to use within HYSPLIT. Meteorological data is currently stored in monthly files which have data available at varying intervals. Therefore the maximum run duration is 1 year. Otherwise the simulation will fail to complete.
  • We would suggest using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. There are known issues with placement and functionality within older instances of Microsoft Internet Explorer.


Please contact us is you identify any new issues.

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