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Main plugins used

Embedded Browser75.00 USDGreat plugin for embedded HTML in 3D
Fast Line Renderer for Unity - GPU Line and Particle System6.30 USDSome kinks but easiest way to draw lines in runtime
Graph Maker45.00 USDGood tools for drawing a range of graphs in 3D scenes
Handy Hacks15.00 USDQuick orthographic measuring tool
Measure It0Profiling counters
Online Maps48.00 USDPretty good tools for bringing in streaming maps
PlayWay Water System100.00 USDUsed in ocean scenes, effective simulation and very well supported tool
Steam VR0A given for VR of course
Text Mesh Pro95.00 USDNow integrated into Unity 5 - Was great tool before integration and continues to be great
Volume Viewer Pro95.00 USD3D texture data visualisation
VS Code0Extensions for using Visual Studio Code
VR Toolkit0Another given for VR

Tools not used as regularly, mixed with content

animated grassKit 2.00 USD
Buttons, Switches and Toggles 0.00 USD
Cathedral level - Modular enviroment 8.54 USD
Cinema Pro Cams - Film Lens & 3D Toolkit 0.00 USD
City Pack - Modular and Tileable 26.21 USD
Cloud System 80.00 USD
Custom Handles 0.00 USD
DCG Water Shader 25.99 USD
Desert Ghost Town 0.00 USD
Dreamteck Splines 30.00 USD
Female Character Pack 0.00 USD
Fireball Prefabs 0.00 USD
Fluidity 95.00 USD
FlyingText3D 19.95 USD
Fracturing & Destruction 60.00 USD
GameFlow 0.00 USD
Grassland Landscape 4.99 USD
Hands VR - The Ultimate Interaction Toolset 30.00 USD
HipFilters 0.00 USD
Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion 0.00 USD
In Game Edit Tools with History 5.00 USD
Industrial 6. Mining Facilities 40.00 USD
Liquid Physics 2D 75.00 USD
Mesh Effects 15.40 USD
Mining machine vehicle 15.00 USD
Mobile 10 Cars 0.00 USD
Modular Pipe Set 5.00 USD
New UI Widgets 40.00 USD
OpenCV for Unity 95.00 USD
PA Shark 5.00 USD
Physically Based Area Lights - redLights 2.0 80.00 USD
Pipe Set Pro 10.00 USD
Point Cloud Viewer and Tools 75.00 USD
ProCore Bundle 150.00 USD
Project and Drop to Floor 2.00 USD
Project UV from Camera 0.00 USD
Real Rocks Vol II 10.00 USD
Real Rocks Vol. III 25.00 USD
Real World Terrain 72.00 USD
Realistic Effects Pack 4 24.50 USD
Realistic Grass and Bush Pack2 2.99 USD
Realistic Grass and Bush Pack3 2.99 USD
Realistic Nature Environment 31.50 USD
Realistic Tree Pack 14.00 USD
Realistic Trees Vol. 1 6.99 USD
RealTime 3D Text 45.00 USD
Relief Terrain Pack v3.3 60.00 USD
Rigged Sea Animals 10.00 USD
Rock Cliff 12.00 USD
Rock Cliff 9.00 USD
Rock Pack 10.00 USD
Rock Textures 5.00 USD
Rocks Collection Vol. 1 Mobile 10.00 USD
Rocks Collection Vol.1 10.00 USD
Sea turtles 7.00 USD
Shader Forge 90.00 USD
SIJO Studios Rock Pack 15.00 USD
Simple Touch Gestures 95.00 USD
Source uSequencer Cutscene and Cinematic creator 150.00 USD
Space Graphics Toolkit 99.95 USD
TC2 Node Painter 15.00 USD
Terrain Holes 10.00 USD
TerrainComposer 2 31.50 USD
The Cinema Suite 150.00 USD
Ultimate Joystick 10.00 USD
Underwater FX 25.00 USD
uScript Professional 95.00 USD
Vectrosity 29.95 USD
Voxel Terrain Editor 100.00 USD
White Cat's Toolbox 0.00 USD
WorldComposer 45.00 USD
Xffect Editor Pro 90.00 USD

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