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The Remote Management Centre (RMCis a visualisation laboratory based at CSIRO's QCAT facility in Pullenvale, Queensland.

The work in this laboratory is focused on tele-technologies in the areas of operation, supervision, collaboration and assistance, along with fundamental and applied research into Human Systems Integrations (HSI).

In addition to the research work in the laboratory, the RMC is used to demonstrate current and upcoming projects at CSIRO and regularly hosts groups from industry, government, academia and the general public (100s of people from over a hundred organisations each year, both local and international).

The lab features a 6m cylindrical display system, a 4m dome display system, a 10-channel spatial sound system, Microsoft Surface touch table, high-resolution displays, wearable computing gear, Augmented and Virtual Reality (Vive/Oculus/Hololens/Vuzix/Moverio and many others), high-speed networking and high-performance graphics.

The RMC is also responsible for installing and maintaining a 5x2m, 8K, 8 screen, interactive display wall being installed in the QCAT library space, as part of the I3Hub facility.  There are also two mobile, 4K, 4 screen, interactive displays currently being assembled as part of this effort.

Primary contact:

Craig James -

Queensland Centre for Advanced Technology

1 Technology Court

Pullenvale, QLD, 4069, Australia



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