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Users of version 2.0 will notice some changes in version 2.1. Specifically,

  • The Sign-in system has been completely redesigned:
    • Existing users are prompted to reset their password when logging into V2.1 for the first time.
    • New users complete a simple two-step registration, with email validation.
  • Access restrictions have been updated:
    • All registered users are now automatically assigned ‘Advanced’ privileges. This brings Pacific Climate Futures into line with the Australian Climate Futures tool (part of Climate Change in Australia suite of web-tools).
  •  Projections Builder functionality updated:
    • Improved usability, readability and applicability of output by:
      • clarifying the output tables to provide better explanation of Climate Futures scenarios;
      • added details of base period used
    • Added timer to webpage so users can see that the tool is doing work in the background
    • Reduced the number of choices in the list of available seasons (i.e. limiting to annual, 3-mth & 6-mth seasons). This makes the tool run faster and avoids failures due to server time-outs.
    • Added ability to export selected models to Excel from Results page.
    • Completed ‘bug’ fixes in code
  • Added new (and enhanced) datasets:
    • Added extreme (1-in-20 yr) rainfall data for (highly policy relevant) very low emissions pathway (RCP2.6)
    • Added extreme (1-in-20 yr) wind speed data for very low, low and high emissions pathways (RCP2.6, RCP4.5 & RCP8.5)
    • Fixed issues with some existing extreme data (e.g. heavy rain, strong wind for CMIP3)
  • Updated the User Guide
    • Expanded to cover all new features and enhancements
    • Migrated to an online ‘wiki’ style system (viz. Confluence) which provides an interactive user help experience that can also be exported to a PDF document.

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