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This is the collaboration space for the Oznome for Land and Water project.


OzNome aims to achieve a “historical, current and future digital representation of everything” in Australia by 2025. OzNome for Land and Water is project for the OzNome Initiative focused initially on realising this vision within the CSIRO Land and Water Business Unit (L&W) and demonstrating the potential for streamlined and productive science information supply chains for L&W and its internal and external collaborators and partners.

Through workshops held earlier in 2016 and subsequent interviews, discussion and analysis within L&W, specific challenges and approaches have been identified as shown below.


The OzNome for L&W team are currently building OzNome infrastructure to achieve productivity gains by enabling people to leverage upon it to enhance science workflows, perform data analytics quickly, and produce value-added products and applications using existing data, models and resources.

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