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Present - Cynthia, Stephanie, Lesley, Jens, Francky, Simon, Natalia, PeterT, 

Apologies - Jess, Anu, Erin, Guru, May Ling,  

What worked? What didn't? 

Simon - Several messages received with positive feedback - McInnes, Love, Zerger, Wieczorek, Ming

-Stocker commented on relative failure to keep the ECR's involved after the first day. 

-Follow-up items listed at the bottom

Pete - enjoyed, went well, positive comments on how it was run, flowed well, liked un-conference, everyone keen to have follow-up

Cynthia - extremely positive and creative, impressed at collaborative spirit and goodwill in room, no visible politicking, un-conference gave everyone an opportunity to put things on agenda. Reporting back from un-conference was a bit weak. Not strong actions. Mentioned favorably in NEII on Wednesday. 

Lesley - Good, but need to see follow-up. Good mailing list. Need something to eResearch newsletter. (By Thursday 15th June.) 

Natalia - Went really well. Very different programme to previous experience. Field trip on Monday was a good way to start Symposium. 

Stephanie - Really interesting, positive atmosphere, want/need to do this. A lot of under-the-radar work going on. Needs to be made visible and supported properly! Need to embed processes or create processes to make the dev work sustainable. How to harness energy? Newsletter? Checkin in a few months? Keep Confluence site going. 

Francky - Interesting - first time this style of conference - needed list of participants with their expertise

Jens - went really well, was skeptical about linked-data prior, now better idea how it will work, liked field-trip, felt welcome at GA, criticisms: more active management of ECR interactions - should have mixed participants more carefully at dinner; Follow-ups - Friday meetings were good; Erin's contribution as facilitator was great. 

Simon - ECR issues. Un-conference. Action items list didn't work. Friday follow-ups. 

Erin - Went well overall. Enjoyed field trip and thought it was important to group getting to know each other and setting the stage for sample discussions that followed. Liked Day 1 and 2 unconference process. Would have changed day 3. Didn't like the wrap-up/closure part of the meeting. People were exhausted by day 3 or already leaving. Follow-up call? 


Remember SEEGrid ( - has links to the SEEGrid conferences)

Virtual labs get together annually through NECTAR

Data communities have not had a forum to get together

ANDS has traditionally worked with institutions, data curators, not with researchers - don't bypass instutiions! 

ANDS does work with the willing

Now changes with roadmap - NECTAR had different focus, so this is changing. 

ANDS/NECTAR/RDS now planning to support domains and communities

NCI's Earth System's Grid Federation means that NCI already has a role here ( )

TERN building in ESIP role in plan

Simon to follow up with Ben, Guru, Adrian, Lesley, Erin

Sample definition

Get into a publication - theory paper - Donald, Ramona, Simon, Lesley

Community exercise

Need to get publications to help support in particular the ECR's (or young Turks)


Done - eResearch newsletter

Done - CSIRO Newsletter 

CSIRO Report 


Workshop report for EOS 

See Reporting

Action items

See Action Items

Action items from Unconference sessions linked where possible to the outcomes.  Unconference notes are here. Live Google Doc with ongoing list:

Outcome topics:

  1. Definition of Sample - see discussion page
  2. ESIP Australia - NCI & ANDS with AuScope, ALA, TERN, (IMOS?) - eResearch Australasia issues. 
  3. IGSN progress - missed Bob Arko (tech topics), released description schema, updated website, roadmap for moving forward (RDF? Linked Data?), ORCID, Scholix, Datacite, how to offer services to support linking, produced outline of paper to describe IGSN - good opportunity/worthwhile, 
  4. International Geochemistry Network - Kerstin, Brent, Mingfang, Lesley - mostly about community for geochemistry - targetting Goldschmidt Conference, Paris, August 2017 ( )
  5. ELFIE
  6. RDA VSIG re-boot
  7. Contributions to CODATA Commission on Standards
  8. Paul Box invited to Ostrom Workshop & ESIP Summer meeting
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