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Earth and Environment Science Information Partners – an Australia-US collaboration in Earth and Environmental Sciences Informatics


One-day workshop 2019-05-09 in association with C3DIS - Canberra


  • Knowledge exchange within the Australian Earth and Environment Science Information community
  • Knowledge exchange between the Australian community and the US community represented by ESIP
  • Maintain the community with regular forums


CSIRO Waterhouse Room, Building 101, Clunies Ross St, Black Mountain ACT 2601 


List of attendees

Collaborative notes - 


These organizations supported catering, meeting logistics, or travel expenses for one or more international participants. 




Setting the scene - plenary with US remote participation

1. Welcome and introduction - Cox, Simon (L&W, Clayton - 10 minutes - Cox-opening.pptx

2. Orchestrating government/research collaborations to build a global symphony of Earth and environmental Science data infrastructures Wyborn, Lesley (NCI) - 20 minutes - Wyborn_ ESIP2019 Presentation_V4.pptx

3. Investments in environmental information - priorities and plans - Beth Brunoro, First Assistant Secretary Dept of Environment and Energy  - 20 minutes

4. Short 5 minute talks Cross-government and Cross-disciplinary Research initiatives - 40 minutes in total


Thread 1 - WaterhouseThread 2 - CaughleyThread 3 - RatcliffeThread 4

RESCHEDULEDBreakout #2 - Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems - deferred (RPAS - aka Drones)

Will now go ahead at a later date



Plenary: Report back from breakouts - 3 key take-aways from each session & call out any US/Australian points of collaboration. More inclusivity in the Australian/US interactions, succession planning, involving more EMCRs


Plenary: What is E2SIP? - Chairs: Robinson, Erin (ESIP Federation) Guru, Siddeswara (University of Queensland) Burton, Adrian (ARDC) Cox, Simon (L&W, Clayton)

Current State of Cross-discipline Research - 45 mins

Three group discussions around What are key functions for coordination in Earth and Environmental Science data & information community that E2SIP can/should perform?

  1. What functions could/should E2SIP perform (i.e what are the needs/gaps)? (15 mins)
    1. Maintaining current momentum - a group for knowledge exchange with the US ESIP

    2. A mechanism to enable connection between govt and research groups

    3. A means to improve coordination and visibility of existing activities in Australia

    4. Others? All/none of the above

    5. Are/could these functions being performed elsewhere?

  2. If E2SIP has some function, identify goals for E2SIP to orient around. (15 mins)
  3. What is the next step for E2SIP - E2SIP-cluster in ESIP? (15 min)

Next steps and wrap


Structure of breakouts:

  • Should comprise moderators, champions, key speakers,
  • Should not be death by PowerPoint
  • General discussion should be at least 50% of time (managed by moderator)
  • Each session needs to prepare a 5 minute summary for the 'Bring back' session on "Potential collaborative work between US and Australia". 
  • Online participation? 
  • List of ESIP Collaborations is on:

Target Audience

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