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Partners and organisations that contribute to CCAM development are listed below.

CSIRO Environment

Main development team - Marcus Thatcher, Tony Rafter, Sonny Truong, Claire Trenham, John McGregor and Jack Katzfey.

Acknowledgements for various contributions from Kim Nguyen, Eva Kowalczyk, Ian Watterson, Peter Hurley, Ashok Luhar, Martin Cope, Kathryn Emmerson, Leon Rotstayn, Siobhan O'Farrell, Peter Hoffman, Mitchell Black, Jing Huang, Nikhil Garg.

CCAM employs the CABLE land-surface and carbon cycle model, developed by CSIRO, University of New South Wales and other contributors

CCAM employs the UCLEM urban canopy and energy usage model, developed by Marcus Thatcher, Mat Lipson, Peter Hurley and Ashok Luhar.

CSIRO High Performance Computing

Major improvements to the CCAM optimisation have been developed by the CSIRO HPC team.  Thanks to Paul Ryan for developing the OMP code, developing the procformat file system, GPU routines as well as developing the ocean model, radiation and CABLE interface.  Thanks to Maciej Golebiewski for optimising the radiation model.  Thanks for David Benn for optimising the post-processing software. 

External developers and collaborators

University of Queensland - Australia (Jozef Syktus, Ralph Trancoso, Sarah Chapman)

University of Tasmania - Australia (Tom Remenyi, Peter Love)

NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (Xavier Barthelemy) 

CSIR - South Africa (Francois Engelbrecht)

NIWA - New Zealand (Abha Sood, Sam Dean and Peter Gibson)

CSIRO - Chile (Alvaro Salazar)


CCAM employs the GFDL SEA-ESF radiation model from GFDL AM4 (with permission) 

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