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Simple Mine information is delivered using the EarthResourceLM-Lite MineView feature. MineView is the simplified version of the complex multi-commodity mine feature "EarthResourceML:Mine".

Schema Info:

EarthResourceML-Lite VersionSchema linkDocumentation
v1.0EarthResourceML-Lite Schema v1.0Documentation

 MineView contains the following mandatory properties:

  • identifier
  • shape
  • status_uri
  • name

However, GGIC best practice is to populate as many of the schema elements/attributes as possible where data exists.

Example WFS GetFeature encoding:

<wfs:FeatureCollection numberOfFeatures="1" timeStamp="2018-05-07T05:25:57.688Z" xsi:schemaLocation="">
        <erl:MineView gml:id="erl.mineview.333286">
            <!-- gml:id is an alpha-numeric (ie; not just numbers) unique identifier. Recommended format: erl.mineview.<DATABASEID> -->
            <!-- A unique URL that resolves to this xml document. Recommended format: http://<HOSTNAME>/feature/<PROVIDER ACRONYM>/erl/mineview/<DATABASEID> -->
            <!-- Human readable name of the mine, not a url or urn. -->
            <!-- Use the CGI vocabulary "skos:prefLabel" for the Mine status from -->
            <erl:observationMethod>method unknown</erl:observationMethod>
            <!-- Use the CGI vocabulary "skos:prefLabel" for the observation method from -->
            <erl:positionalAccuracy>100 metres</erl:positionalAccuracy>
            <!-- Human readable free text descriptor of accuracy. eg; accurate, approximate, unknown, 5 metres, 1 kilometre. -->
            <!-- Use the CGI vocabulary "skos:prefLabel" for the observation method from -->
            <!-- URI of the full representation of ER:Mine. Recommended format: http://<HOSTNAME>/feature/<PROVIDER ACRONYM>/er/mine/<DATABASEID> -->
                <gml:Point srsDimension="2" srsName="">
                    <gml:pos>-36.1153878342 147.0912532067</gml:pos>
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