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The EarthResourceML collection of features represent the complex multi-commodity mine and mineral occurrence features.

Schema Info:

EarthResourceML VersionSchema linkDocumentation
v2.0Earth Resource ML v2.0Documentation


Mine contains the following mandatory properties:

  • identifier
  • shape
  • status
  • mineName (required by portals)

However, GGIC best practice is to populate as many of the schema elements/attributes as possible where data exists.

Note: If updating from v1 to v2 change the second gml:name into the correct identifier element and keep the first gml:name as the correct one.


<gml:identifier codeSpace=""></gml:identifier>
<gml:name codeSpace="">Dobroyde Prospect</gml:name>

Complete Mine Example

<wfs:FeatureCollection xmlns:wfs="" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:swe="" xmlns:gml="" xmlns:ogc="" xmlns:ows="" xmlns:gsmlu="" xmlns:er="" xmlns:ama="" xmlns:gsml="" xmlns:erl="" xmlns:xlink="" xmlns:gmd="" xmlns:xsi="" numberOfFeatures="1" timeStamp="2017-09-18T06:50:50.211Z" xsi:schemaLocation="">
        <er:Mine gml:id="">
            <gml:identifier xmlns:null=""></gml:identifier>
                            <swe:uom code="m" xlink:href="" xlink:title="metres"/>
                    <er:shape>POINT (147.0912532067 -36.1153878342)</er:shape>
            <er:status xlink:href="" xlink:title="historic"/>

mineral occurrence

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