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Peter joined CSIRO in 1984 and was employee #2 in the Brisbane team, moving up from Melbourne in 1995. His research interests are primarily field robotics and vision-based control of robots and he worked on the early rock breaker, dragline, LHD, and explosive loading projects as well on the later gravity gradiometry project. Peter was a strong advocate of the group's expansion beyond mining applications, and he was a key contributor to the underwater robotics, flying robots and wireless sensor network projects. After the team joined the ICT Centre in 2004 Peter became the first research director of the Autonomous Systems Laboratory. He relinquished this role in 2007 to concentrate more fully on wireless sensor networks, leading the Sensors and Sensor Networks theme and its successor the Transformational Capability Platform. Peter left CSIRO at the end of 2009 to become professor of robotics at QUT.