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HeatWave is a small handheld 3D thermography device that is able to generate a precise 3D model of an object or scene, which is overlaid with view-independent temperature and appearance information in real-time. It has significant application in many industries such as energy, building, manufacturing, construction, emergency services, and health. HeatWave consists of a thermal-infrared camera, a conventional colour camera and a 3D range sensor. As an operator holding the device smoothly wave his hands around the objects, range sensor captures the geometric information and the SLAM software generates a precise 3D model of the environment by incorporating information from each new range measurement in real-time. The device position and orientation (i.e., pose) with respect to the model are estimated simultaneously, allowing appearance information and temperature distribution from color and thermal camera to be overlaid on the 3D model.

By capturing multiple viewpoints of each part of the scene, the operator assists the system to estimate the temperature distribution more accurately. The output of HeatWave is a single complete 3D multispectral model with high accuracy, view independent augmented temperature and visible information to detect any appearance, shape, temperature or temporal changes within the environment. The dense, high-resolution 3D multispectral model can be visualized in either modality independently or both simultaneously using “Spectra” the world’s first 3D multispectral visualization toolbox developed by HeatWave’s team at Autonomous Systems.

For more information please contact: Peyman Moghadam (chief investigator): peyman DOT moghadam AT csiro DOT au

HeatWave Specifications 

Thermal Sensitivity<40 mk (0.04 °C)
Thermal Accuracy± 2 °C
Thermal Spectral Range7.5-13 µm
Thermal ResolutionSuper HD*
Temperature Range-20 °C to 900 °C (select from 3 calibration ranges)
Operating Range1m-4m
Max 3D Volume5m x 5m @ 1cm resolution
3D Measurement Accuracy± 0.1% (typically) 
PowerUSB Powered
Weight500g (current prototype)
Data Output Format.las, .ply (mesh and pointcloud)

 *80 frames per seconds combined to produce super high resolution


An operator scanning the engine of a vehicle using the HeatWave device.Colorbar

Output 3D temperature model from HeatWave implementing the rainbow color palette

Colorbar3D Color+Thermal Model using IH-Mapping3D Color Model


3D Thermography Model of Hot Water Tank