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This page will contain any errata or issues with published ACCESS CMIP5 data.

Notice: The ESG system at NCI may be out of date with the following issues:

  • Some files have been replaced, the ESG may link to the new files, but the md5 sums will not match the catalog. Please verify the data by the version number in the file metadata. 
  • There are a number of files that are listed on the ESG catalog  that are obsolete and are no longer accessible. These files contained data that overlapped with other files, so if you experience an error regarding inaccessible files, please check whether there is another file containing the same data. 

We will update the ESG system as soon possible. In the mean time, all other data that has been previously published should be fine.  


  • 3/32014: Please note there is an erroneous comment in the metadata of Omon pr files. The data in this field is actually for rainfall over ice free ocean, as requested for CMIP5. It does NOT contain the flux between sea-ice and ocean. 
  • 11/11/2013: There is an issue with ACCESS1.3 amip data, where some r1i1p1 files contain data from the r1i1p2 experiment (the file names are incorrect). This is currently being fixed and the affected datasets will be republished shortly. Please check the physics_version attribute in the metadata of the files to get the correct information. 
  • 8/4/2013: The following file was corrupted on the file system and has been replaced. The data should be identical to the original but will fail md5 checksums because of differences in the file headers. 
  • 26/03/2013: A number of files have been found to have short periods of missing data (a few isolated chunks of one month). A list of the affected files is available here: files_missing_data_20130326.txt. The data has been corrected, new files have the version number "v20130325".  
  • 27/02/2013: All daily tas fields have been replaced. The old fields contained surface temperature rather than near surface air temperature. The new files have version_number="20130227"
  • zosga and zossga have been republished again (with version number v20121203), to make the calculations consistent between ACCESS1.0 and ACCESS1.3. This results in minor differences from the previous version. 
  • emiso2 (total emission rate of SO2) has been replaced (on 30/10/2012). The new files have been modified to include the 3D background emissions of SO2 from degassing volcanoes. The new files have version_number="v20121030"
  • clivi and clwvi with version_number v20120115 were found to be missing some contributions from convection. New versions of these files will be released with version_number=v20120727.
  • zosga and zossga with version number v20120115 had issues with their calculation. They were republished with the version_number= v20120607
Note that in this page, the "version_number" refers to the netcdf file attribute. This may be different to the version number that appears on the ESG
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