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The NCI ESG portal which hosts the ACCESS CMIP5 data has moved to a new P2P system which is at Data has been removed from the old portal to prevent downloading of obsolete data. 

OpenID logins for the new P2P gateways are different from the old openids. 

For example OpenIDs with PCMDI

Similarly, in case of NCI

Update 10/2/2012

The first set of variables ready for publishing. These should be visible on the ESG within a couple of days once the ESG software has scanned the files.
Edit: Successfully published on 13/2/2012

The set contains 238 files of the following variables, from each of the experiments.

lai, evspblveg, evspblsoi, mrfso, mrlsl
mrros, mrso, mrsos, tsl
tos, sos, zos

Update 24/2/2012

A second set of data has been added to the ESG:

fx :
sftgif ,orog ,sftlf ,deptho ,sftof ,basin
OImon :
Amon :
tasmin ,tasmax ,sfcWind ,evspsbl ,rsdscs ,rsuscs ,rldscs ,rlutcs ,rsutcs ,ta ,ua ,va ,hus ,hur ,wap ,zg
Lmon :
treeFrac ,grassFrac ,shrubFrac ,baresoilFrac ,residualFrac ,landCoverFrac ,c3PftFrac ,c4PftFrac
Omon :
masso ,volo ,zosga ,zossga ,masscello ,thkcello ,thetao ,thetaoga ,so ,soga ,rhopoto ,uo ,vo ,wmo ,umo ,vmo

Update 15/3/2012

A third set of data is available:

LImon :
snw, snd
aero :
emipoa, emibc, drypoa, drybc, wetpoa, wetbc, emibb,
emiso2, emidms, dryso2, dryso4, wetso4, wetso2, emidust,
drydust, wetdust, loadpoa, loadsoa, loadbc, loadso4,
loaddust, loadss, sconcpoa, sconcsoa, sconcbc, sconcso4,
sconcdust, sconcss, concpoa, concsoa, concbb, concbc,
concso4, concso2, concdms, concss, concdust
Amon :
prw, clt, rtmt
day :
tasmin, tasmax, tas, pr, psl, sfcWind

Update 19/4/2012

The first set of ACCESS1.3 data is now available from the historical experiment only.

tos, sos, zos
psl, rsds, rsut, pr, rldscs, tauv, uas, rsutcs, hfls, ts, hfss, rsuscs, rsdt, huss, rsdscs, tas, vas, tauu, evspsbl, ps, rlut, rlds, hurs, clt

Update 08/05/2012

A larger dataset from all of the ACCESS1.3 coupled experiments is now published.

Update 24/5/2012

An new set of ACCESS1.0 data is available:

amip experiment published with all variables published as for the coupled experiments (apart from ocean and seaIce)
Addition of variables for all coupled experiments:
Omon: hfds
OImon: snd, snc, pr, prsn, grFrazil, transix, transiy, strairx, strairy, strocnx, strocny, streng, divice, rigdice

Update 12/06/2012

zosga and zossga have been replaced to fix an error in the original calculations. Please note that the new files have in the metadata version_number= "v20120607", whereas the old INCORRECT files have version_number= "v20120115"
In addition to this, friver was added for ACCESS1.0 simulations

Update 31/10/2012

In the last month, the 6hr and 3hr data have been published for the ACCESS1.0 and ACCESS1.3 CMIP5 simulations.

clivi and clwvi have been replaced for ACCESS1.0, because of an incorrect calculation. The new files have version_number="v20120727"

files for the variable emiso2 (total emission rate of SO2) have been replaced for ACCESS1.0 and ACCESS1.3. The new files have been modified to include the 3D background emissions of SO2 from degassing volcanoes. The new files have version_number="v20121030"

Update 17/12/2012

Update to zosga and zossga as well as publishing of new fields from Omon and OImon.

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