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Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Journal (AMOJ) 2013 Special Issue [AMOJ link]

  • Bi, D., Dix, M., Marsland, S., O'Farrell, S., Rashid, H., Uotila, P., Hirst, A., Kowalczyk, E., Golebiewski, M., Sullivan, A., Yan, H., Hannah, N., Franklin, C., Sun, Z., Vohralik, P., Watterson, I., Zhou, X., Fiedler, R., Collier, M., Ma, Y., Noonan, J., Stevens, L., Uhe, P., Zhu, H., Griffies, S., Hill, R., Harris, C. and Puri, K., The ACCESS coupled model: description, control climate and evaluation, Aust. Met. Oceanogr. J., 63, 41-64, 2013.[pdf]

  • Kowalczyk, E., Stevens, L., Law, R., Dix, M., Wang, Y., Harman, I., Haynes, K., Srbinovsky, J., Pak, B. and Ziehn, T., The land surface model component of ACCESS: description and impact on the simulated surface climatology, Aust. Met. Oceanogr. J., 63, 65-82, 2013.[pdf]

  • Dix, M., Vohralik, P., Bi, D., Rashid, H., Marsland, S., O'Farrell, S., Uotila, P., Hirst, T., Kowalczyk, E., Sullivan, A., Yan, H., Franklin, C., Sun, Z., Watterson, I., Collier, M., Noonan, J., Rotstayn, L., Stevens, L., Uhe, P. and Puri, K., The ACCESS couple model: documentation of core CMIP5 simulations and initial results, Aust. Met. Oceanogr. J., 63, 83-99, 2013.[pdf]

  • Marsland, S.J., D. Bi, P. Uotila, R. Fiedler, S. M. Griffies, K. Lorbacher, S. O’Farrell, A. Sullivan, P. Uhe, X. Zhou, A. C. Hirst, Evaluation of ACCESS Climate Model ocean diagnostics in CMIP5 simulations, Aust. Met. Oceanogr. J., 63, 101-119, 2013.[pdf]

  • Uotila, P., O'Farrell, S., Marsland, S. and Bi, D., The sea-ice performance of the Australian climate models participating in the CMIP5, Aust. Met. Oceanogr. J., 63, 121-143, 2013.[pdf]

  • Rashid, H., Hirst, A. and Dix, M., Atmospheric circulation features in the ACCESS model simulations for CMIP5: historical simulation and future projections, Aust. Met. Oceanogr. J., 63, 145-160, 2013.[pdf]

  • Rashid, H., Sullivan, A., Hirst, A., Bi, D., Zhou, X. and Marsland, S., Evaluation of El Niño-Southern Oscillation in the ACCESS coupled model simulations for CMIP5, Aust. Met. Oceanogr. J., 63, 161-180, 2013.[pdf]

  • Watterson, I., Hirst, A. and Rotstayn, L., A skill score based evaluation of simulated Australian climate, Aust. Met. Oceanogr. J., 63, 181-190, 2013.[pdf]

  • Bi, D., Marsland, S., Uotila, P., O'Farrell, S., Fiedler, R., Sullivam, A., Griffies, S., Zhou, X. and Hirst, A., ACCESS-OM: the ocean and sea-ice core of the ACCESS coupled model, Aust. Met. Oceanogr. J., 63, 213-232, 2013.[pdf]

  • Sun, Z., Franklin, C., Zhou, X., Ma, Y., Okely, P., Bi, D., Dix, M., Hirst, A., Shonk, J. and Puri, K., Modifications to atmospheric physical parameterisations aimed at improving SST simulations in the ACCESS coupled model, Aust. Met. Oceanogr. J., 63, 249-259, 2013.[pdf]

Other Papers

  • Franklin et al, 2013: Evaluation of clouds in ACCESS using the satellite simulator package COSP: Global, seasonal and regional cloud propertiesJournal of Geophysical Research, Atmospheresdoi:10,1029/2012JD018469

  • Franklin et al. 2013: Evaluation of clouds in ACCESS using the satellite simulator package COSP: Regime-sorted tropical cloud properties. (accepted).Journal of Geophysical Research, Atmospheres.

  • Gregory, J.M., D. Bi, M.A. Collier, M.R., Dix, A.C. Hirst, A. Hu, M. Huber, R. Knutti, S.J. Marsland, M. Meinshausen, H.A. Rashid, L.D. Rotstayn, A. Schurer, and J.A. Church, Climate models without pre-industrial volcanic forcing underestimate historical ocean thermal expansion, Geophys. Res. Lett., 40, 1–5, doi:10.1002/grl.50339, 2013.

  • Lorbacher, K., S. J. Marsland, J. A. Church, S. M. Griffies, and D. Stammer (2012), Rapid barotropic sea level rise from ice sheet melting, J. Geophys. Res., 117, C06003, doi:10.1029/2011JC007733.

  • P. Uotila, S. O’Farrell, S.J. Marsland, D. Bi, A sea-ice sensitivity study with a global ocean-ice model, Ocean Modelling, Volume 51, July 2012, Pages 1-18, ISSN 1463-5003, 10.1016/j.ocemod.2012.04.002.

Technical Reports

  • Bi, D. and Marsland, S. 2010. Australian Climate Ocean Model (AusCOM) Users Guide. CAWCR Technical Report No. 027

  • CAWCR Technical Reports No. 58 and No. 59 describe the post-processing and datasets for the ACCESS CMIP5 submission. 

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